In this review, we are going to face with the main shops of all bookmakers that accepting bets from Nigeria. During our investigation, we noticed that most of the bookmakers established local shops or already exist. So, that you can get the bonus opportunity even in a local physical store. Honestly, this is the best approach if you want to withdraw your funds instantly, rather than waiting hours or even days.

We are here to answer all your questions and give our expert opinion on each of the local shops listed below in the list of current bookmakers, which are the top five local shops with the highest odds and bonus programs. The sports betting shops in Nigeria have seen a significant rise in recent years.

Top 10 Betting Shops in Nigeria

Many Nigerian are now conscious of the profits and the losses involved in indulging in sports betting. New Sportsbooks are running up, and this allows us to choose the best from the rest. Some betting companies offer online betting options, while some offer the highest odds and commissions than others. Some of the indexes for this arrangement include popularity and wide trustworthy of the local booking shop, a vast range of sports events and markets, commissions, payment methods, odds and last but not least the regular bonus of 100 naira free bet.

In this case, the Nigerian government have regulated and legalised national lotteries, sports betting, and some casino gaming. The gambling industry in Nigeria is regulated by the Criminal Code Act 1990, where dice game except backgammon, chacha and cowries’ game, roulette, non-skill-based card games and any other games of chance are illegal. In regarding the gambling law in Nigeria, click here to learn more about it.

Land-based sportsbooks are also legal, where a live betting method is offered. You will find sports betting facilities at the five land-based booking shop in the country only or head to offshore online bookmakers which we are mentioning below.

Bet9ja Shop

The first bookmaker which we are going to examine is Bet9ja. Are they an online bookmaker in Nigeria?

Bet9ja local shop in Nigeria
The oldest betting store that is established in Lagos ever

Of course, they are one of the best bookmakers that offer to bet on sports events operating in Nigeria. Furthermore, they are licensed by the Lagos State Lotteries board with permission to operate in other parts of the country. Researches have it that Bet9ja is undoubtedly the leading and the most famous betting company in the south-east, south-west region of the country. They have betting shops in all the major roads in Enugu, Calabar, Aba Uyo, Owerri, Port Harcourt etc. Do not forget that you are able to bet in these local stores through your personal account.
If you do not have an account yet but would like to bet. You can take advantage of the bonus that Bet9ja 100% Welcome Bonus offer for new customers.

bet9ja local shop
We all stand of thorns until next goal achieve of our team

AccessBET Shop

The second bookmaker that we are going to review is AccessBET. The concepts of football and Nigeria are completely linked. And where there is football, there are also bets on matches. They are premium sports betting platform, but unfortunately, the site still unfinished, therefore, is a huge disadvantage that we cannot miss lightly. They were established in the early 2000s.

AccessBET Lagos Office Nigeria
One of the busiest places where AccessBET is positioned

The active development of the Internet and the young interested population became the impetus for the development of AccessBET in online. AccessBET have a local bookshop in which it was possible to bets legally and calmly. Nowadays it is already a convenient site that provides online access to betting on various sports and using the bonuses that they have provided. AccessBET make a good impression upon opening. The pleasant colours immediately make it clear that the main sport for betting here is football.

Accessbet local shops
The most hard-working team in AccessBET

If you want to learn more about the nearest local shop, we give you two options for your research. The first option is to contact them through a phone call to a 08090700700. The second option to contact them is to write an email ( regarding whether there is а local store to you or you need to have to travel to the nearest town.

They are a reputable company that the local punters using for betting. There is no bookshop in Lagos which can use for betting. The same goes for Ojodu. But unlike Lagos, in perspective will have bookshop AccessBET. Fortunately, you can enjoy up to 100 000 NGN for the first deposit bonus. This site will be interesting for both newcomers and skilled players.

Surebet247 Shop

Surebet247 is another trusted bookshop in the Nigerian betting industry. They are undoubtedly a bookshop who bring plenty of advantages within the betting platform, perfect for new clients who are looking to take advantage. Furthermore, they have an exciting Surebet247 Welcome Bonus, which is one of the best around.

entry to the surebet247 local betting shop
Sports betting centre dispose of all virtual and non-virtual sports.

For our satisfaction, they have offices and local shop across all the major cities in Nigeria, and the commissions for the agents are very rewarding, and that allow becoming a chairman of your physical shop. The bookmaker offers live betting on the website and also provide guaranteed payment of winnings. Punters have the opportunity to place different kinds of bets online or offline.therefore, and you can use your personal account of Surebet247 to take new exciting bonuses by this operator.

sports betting center
Make sure you visited the lawful betting shop

We recommend using your virtual account because there are some daily bonuses on deposits equal to or over ₦1.000. Also, you can use your mobile device to get a special 20% Free Bet when you deposit through your smartphone. Actually, they do not have a mobile application for both operating systems – iOS and Android, but you can use the mobile version of the website to fund your account.

1xBet Shop

The bookmaker was founded in 1997 in Russia, but until recently was known and used mainly in this country. It was only in 2007 that the bookmaker moved to the international market, and in 2011 its website was launched.

entry to the 1xBet local betting shop
Fortunately, there is a 1xBet betting local shop in Okutukutu, Yenagoa, Nigeria

However, this is a bookmaker that is definitely on the rise, as the offer and the volume of customers increase from year to year. 1xBet are certainly distinguished by the many sporting events available in the bookmaker and especially by the numerous broadcasts of live matches that are not found in other bookmakers.

The big advantage of 1xBet is the bonus on the first deposit. This is higher than many other bookmakers, namely a bonus of 200% on the first deposit of 100 naira. Of course, it depends on how high your first deposit will be. If you deposit 10 naira, your bonus will be 10 naira. It pays to deposit a little more on your first deposit to take advantage of the bonus.

Newest local betting shop in Nigeria
In chasing the Russian bookmaker with the highest odds in Nigeria

In addition, they have various other small bonuses and other promotions that come into play when starting bets. Of course, the rules for the first bonus apply before you can get it from the bookmaker. The odds must be at least 1.40 for bets and you will need to transfer the amount at least five times. To our disappointment, they do not yet have a local shop built in Nigeria and beyond it.

betBonanza Shop

This is a newcomer bookmaker that we want to recommend to you. They have served you since 2014 and provided top-notch service ever since. If you are going to try something and something different are you in the right place. betBonanza is one of the few bookshops that can make us happy with reputable and exciting bonuses. They actually describe themselves as the best online betting company in Nigeria. They actively strive to become the best loving online gaming platform in Africa.

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betbonanza promo code for 500 naira free bet

The most common question is: How can we bet in a local shop?

Actually, there are two options for making a bet. The most simplistic option is to select the odds and add the selections to your betslip on the betBonanza. Once you made all your selections, click on a bet button, later on, will provide the Booking code. Then you have to give this code and the amount you want to stake to a Cashier. The Cashier will register your betslip and will give you а ticket for your bet.

Check How to Place Bets on BonanzaBallz

The second option that we highly recommend approaching the Cashier directly. Tell her or him the bets that you want to place on your betslip and how much money you want to put. Then, the Cashier will add your selections and confirm your bet. Later on, you will take your ticket. Also, if you want to further about how to place sports bets, click here.
betBonanza have local shops in all major cities like Abuja, Anambra, and Rivers State. Take advantages of all bonuses provided by betBonanza and bet in the closest local shop right now.

NaijaBet Shop

The next local shop that we are going to scope is NaijaBet. This bookie another one new participant to the African betting industry having an establishment in Nigeria in 2016. NaijaBet is administered by NaijaBet Limited, possessed by Management Limited and Kreativ Integrated Concepts.

Niajabet local betting shop
In chasing 25,000,000 NGN daily

NaijaBet has a smooth dark design, which makes it simple for putters from Nigeria and any part of Africa, or even the rest of the world, to put down online bets on their most loved games. Remarkably is that they are member, the association of Nigerian Bookmakers.

Unfortunately, NaijaBet is one of the operators with fewest local betting shops in the country, which means that there is not a big offering of sports betting its part. Hopefully, in the near future, they will change this, and we will have a great opportunity to bet on our favourite team or player.

NairaBET Shop

Let us talk regarding NairaBET’s local shops in Nigeria. Undoubtedly, they are one of the most popular sportsbooks in Nigeria. They have a vast range of attractive features and services, one of them is a well-established strategy regarding local betting shops in the country.

nairabet local shop
One of the most popular local shops in Lagos

NairaBET have a huge number of local shops in Lagos, Ikeja, Oyo, Lekki, Ibadan, Akure, Ikorodu, Benin city and in other minor cities. However, their online betting platform is now gaining a large amount of attention, helping to make them one of the best players in the Nigerian gambling industry.

SportyBet Shop

Sportbet Nigeria is a betting company operating in the country and it is licensed by Lagos State Board (LSLB) under license number 0000355 and one more license by National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) under license number 0001014. Therefore, we don’t think that is fraud or scam sportsbook. in Lagos
The hottest place in the heart of Nigeria

Тhey have all the required licenses to operate in the country, and the most important thing is that they have two well-established local shops in Lagos and one in Ikeja city, which means that if you live nearby Lagos or Ikeja, you are able to make bets in its local shops. And one more thing, when you go to the local shop, ask for your promo or bonus code that can use through your personal account which you’ve registered before visiting the shop.

MerryBet Shop

MerryBet is a reliable operator that can found in Nigeria. With the fastest payout system in that can pay within 24 hours is really unusual for the Nigerian standard. MerryBet propose great commissions to their agents.

meryrbet local bookshop
Place where your dreams come real

The operator showed a very straightforward approach as gives them a local kiosk or local shop, printers, laptops, monitors and all the equipment that they need to start the business in his region. Unfortunately, this is not a bookmaker for players who are chasing promotions and bonuses, as not at this time the bookie does not offer a Welcome Bonus for new clients, but on the other hand, you can take advantage of some pros.

entry to the merrybet local betting shop
One of the most popular shops where champions play

During our test, we noticed that MerryBet have an amazing Cash Back program. For more information read all requirements of this program.
We will list some of the states which have local shops to this operator: Lagos, Kogi, Niger, Ondo Cross River, Bauchi, Abia, Taraba state, etc.

1960Bet Shop

Lastly, 19060Bet is a bookmaker that is well-established in Nigeria. Also, it has licensed by the Lagos Lotteries Board. 19060Bet is one of the best leading bookmakers in the country and also one of the biggest recognized and trusted name in the sports betting industry.

1960BET - next betting shop stop
Entry to the 1960BET local betting shop

Fortunately, they are providing betting and gaming services across several hundred local betting shops in Nigeria. However, the operator is also establishing attention to other African countries like Togo, Benin Republic, Ghana and Cameroon. Some of the main shops are located in the heart of Lagos State.

Online Betting in Nigeria as an alternative to the Betting Shops

There are some good betting sites out there for Nigerian punters. It’s difficult to point out an individual betting site as the best one in Nigeria.

We believe that the best betting sites for us all accept the traditional currency (Naira). They provide lots of features and services, and they make it easy and convenient for Nigerian players to deposit and withdraw funds.

If you are looking for a great betting site that lives up to all of the above-mentioned criteria, then have a look at betBonanza.
Now we will list a couple of sports operators that have well-established local shops in Nigeria. The first one is bet9ja.

  1. The first is bet9ja. They have established themselves as an exceptional bookmaker in the internet sphere and on the territory of the country. They have a vast selection of local betting shops. The staff is very responsive, and in case of a problem, they are always at our disposal.
    Our second proposal is NairaBET, which is the first sports betting company ever created—mainly located in Lagos State, Lekki, Warri, Abia, Owerri. The corporate office is located in Ibadan.
  2. NairaBET is one of the most visited sports betting sites in Africa and one of the top 20 in the world. We appreciate their efforts to be among the best bookies on the market in Nigeria. We hope that soon they will embrace a bigger flow of bettors from foreign countries.
    And lastly, the bettors should be taking advantage of the best offer and bonuses that are offered by NairaBET.
  3. Surebet247 – there is more to be said about this bookmaker, who is doing relatively well in the Nigerian market. They have a lot of local shops, and this allows us to bet through them. We know from personal experience that in such places there is a lot of interesting and important information that can contribute to big earning. We just have to go to the local betting shop often. They also more often make a variety of offers on live-betting of which you can take advantage.
  4. The fourth piece of the puzzle is AccessBET. They mainly rely on their local betting shops. AccessBET have a site with an easy-to-navigate and smooth design a long time ago. But we generally have vast problems with it. Because many of the elements on the site do not work properly and this makes it hard for us to pleasant in the site. That’s why we prefer to bet in a local shop. At least we know that if we win 100 naira. We will be able to withdraw them immediately.
  5. Once again, the bookie that we have chosen to consider again is a 1960Bet. As we mentioned above in the article, they have plenty of local betting shops placed not only in Nigeria but also in other countries in Africa. They have an automatable 100% Welcome Bonus up to 10,000 NRN. For this bonus, you don’t need any promo or bonus code that to need, on the contrary. The one thing that you need to do is just registering in the site or use the nears local betting shop. Don’t forget that once registered on the site, you can use your bonus in a local shop. There is no need to log in every time if you live nearby some of the shops which have been opened.

Local Betting in Nigeria

It’s not that hard to bet at a local betting shop. On the contrary, it has its advantages. For example, if you did a wrong bet in a betting slip that has already been placed, you can avoid the betting slip and make a new one. Actually, this is not possible on the site, even if there is a cash-out feature, you will not be refunded the whole stake that was placed earlier.

We are extremely surprised by our visits to local betting shops. Very often information is shared about football, horse racing, and greyhounds. Therefore, before placing a bet, we can inform ourselves in advance in order to have greater success.

If you have any difficulty filling out a ticket or anything else related to bets, do not hesitate to ask the cashiers in the local shop you have visited.


Which are the best betting shops in Nigeria?

During our investigation, we realized that the best betting local shops in Nigeria are bet9ja, NairaBET, AccessBET, Surebet47 and 1960Bet. They are of the few bookmakers that have a lot of local stores in Nigeria, especially in Lagos.

Do I need an account to play in the local betting shops in Nigeria?

No, you don’t need an account to play in a physical shop. But know that if you have an account you can take advantage of your personal offers that are showing on the website. In fact, we recommend that you use your online account so that you have access to big choices of bonuses.

Are the betting shops in Nigeria working on Sunday?

This is a very painful topic for some punters, as they do not have the opportunity to bet on Sunday because most local shops have closed. Fortunately, such as like a bet9ja, NairaBET, 1960Bet, Surebet247 and other local bookies work on Sunday. Usually, they working until 21:00 PM.