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Lionsbet Affiliate Program

Lionsbet affiliate program was started as now officials of the bookmaker are offering up to 50% referral share. This is quite amazing because not many sportsbooks offer such a good percentage. Most of the affiliate programs give around 20-30% with small exclusions. With this special promotion Lionsbet turns as one of the best operators on the market currently. And the activity on the social media platforms is another plus for its customers.

lionsbet affiliate program

And because we wrote that on the social media sites, the owners of Lionsbet affiliate program are very active, we will post a few of their games. All of them involve guessing the result or the player and all of them give free bets. In the years this proved to be a very good way to attract new customers and it looks like they are pretty successful.

Lionsbet Facebook Game – Guess the player

This is a very simple game. The competition here is to guess the player on the image and if you have a chance enough, you may get a free bet. Check this Facebook post to see how easy is to win the bonus.

Daily there are different events with predictions. And along with the amazing Lionsbet Affiliate, this becomes favourite bookie for the Nigerians. We are using its services as well and we are very happy. The Online Manager is nice and always there to help you with anything. Again, 50% is amazing for Referral Share and not that many sportsbooks offer something like this. Great banners await you also in the affiliate portal. So you will have anything you need to promote it and start earning.

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