BetBonanza, the fastest-growing betting company in Nigeria, has launched a new virtual product. It is called BonanzaBallz and it is the first of its kind on this territory. It very much looks like the Bingo but it is a little bit different. If you have less gaming options and you are wondering what to bet, you can go for this virtual game. You do not need any tips to follow, just use your favourite colours and numbers. If you are lucky enough, you can win some big cash prizes. There are also three types of jackpots, which may bring you additional winnings.

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What Does BonanzaBallz Mean?

As we have already mentioned, this is a virtual game, provided by BetBonanza. It has 48 numbers and 8 colours. There is a new round every 6 minutes. The drawn numbers are 35 unless there is an extra draw, where there are another 5 numbers, making the total count 40. Each player can choose among these numbers as there are also 14 more options which can be selected. Those various options may give you additional bonuses and even 2 jackpots. The minimum stake for BonanzaBallz is ₦50, while the maximum win should be no more than ₦10,000,00 per single bet. Before you make your bets, better check the how to play tutorial: or just simply watch the video below.

Check How to Place Bets on BonanzaBallz

Who stands behind BetBonanza’s New Virtual Game called BonanzaBallz?

It is not a secret that BetBonanza is one of the most popular Nigeria’s brands. It is getting bigger with each day and they are literary hit the market with innovation and game productivity. The managing director of the company Adekunle Adeniji is one of the leaders, proving that miracles do exist. The gaming market is evolving globally and in BetBonanza they are using these tendencies. After the amazing ₦500 Free Bet, BetBonanza shows that they are an incredibly trustworthy brand. It may still do not have a BetBonanza shop where you can place bets but after all, why do you need such, if there is such an awesome website? If you are feeling enough comfortable in your homes, then you should definitely, look for 50 naira free bet on our website and try this amazing virtual game.

“We believe BonanzaBallz will consolidate our position as the home of punters around Nigeria” – Adekunle Adeniji

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Our Opinion About BetBonanza as a Company

In conclusion, BetBonanza owners are doing their best to provide a flawless product with many games and innovation. On top of that, the gaming experience should be more than just a local bookie. Nigeria can be proud to have a bookmaker like BetBonanza. We have already written about this amazing brand and very soon, we will let you know about their unique 50 naira free bet offer, specially designed for our customers. In the meantime, why do not you take the 500 naira free bet we have by simply visiting some of our links or banners on this page so you can play BonanzaBallz. Yes, BetBonanza was established on 12th of June 2019 but with these paces, they can definitely outclass even the top bookmaker in Nigeria – Bet9ja.

So, if you are just looking where you can place your free bets in Nigeria’s best bookmakers, BetBonanza is the right place for you. Just give a try to this brand new virtual game BonanzaBallz and we are sure that you will love it. We are already playing it non-stop, it is so amazing. But before you start betting, read our small section with frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the minimum stake on BonanzaBallz?

The minimum stake on BonanzaBallz is just ₦50.

How many numbers will be drawn during a round?

On BetBonanza’s virtual game called BonanzaBallz, there can be a draw of 35 numbers and occasionally 40 (if there is an extra draw of 5 numbers).

Can I win big money at BonanzaBallz?

Yes, you can! The maximum amount which can be won with a single bet is ₦10,000,000. You can do it either by hitting one of the two jackpots or by just making a huge winning bet.

Can I use my ₦500 free bet for the virtual game BonanzaBallz?

Yes, simply take the 500 naira free bet from some of our links and you are free to bet them on BonanzaBallz.

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