Group stages of the CDA-FDC Professional Dota 2 Championship begin featuring some of the best teams in the China region. Six of them received a direct invite, while two have joined through qualifiers as a ¥600,000 CNY total prize pool is on the table. As The International X was postponed for 2021, this is a real treat for Dota 2 fans and bettors alike. Royal Never Give Up will face Elephant.4AM on 22.10.2020 and things are really looking spicy. Everything you need to be successful when betting can be found in the following article as we are going to cover key points going into this series like team rosters and betting odds. In the end, we will also provide RNG vs 4AM betting tips as well as our picks for this series. Here we go!

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RNG Dota 2 Team

RNG (Royal Never Give Up) was formed back in 2018 with Mikasa as team coach. Since then they have been competing actively in major Dota 2 events like The International 2019 and DreamLeague 10. Even though they are a Tier 2 team nowadays, back then RNG was considered one of the top teams. Currently, the roster consists of lei, Setsu, Srf, Super, FelixCiaoBa. Check them out below!

RNG Roster

Elephant.4AM Dota 2 Team

Elephant.4AM is a professional Dota 2 team formed by the organization Four Angry Men. They might be a new team but they have some very spicy names on their roster – Somnus, Eurus, fy, Yang and RedPanda. This is one of their first competitive matches and we can’t wait to see what these guys are capable of.

4AM Roster

RNG Dota 2 Last 5 Games

Things have not been going well for RNG as they are coming into this series after 5 consecutive losses:

  • RNG           0:2    VG      10/9   OGA DOTA PIT
  • EHOME      2:1    RNG   10/7   OGA DOTA PIT
  • PSG.LGD   2:1    RNG   10/5   OGA DOTA PIT
  • PHOENIX   2:1    RNG   10/1   CHINA PRO CUP
  • VG              2:0    RNG   9/30   OGA DOTA PIT

Will they continue their losing streak or finally manage to break it?

Below you will find highlights from the recent series against PSG.LGD from China Pro Cup.

Highlights From The Dota 2 Match – PSG.LGD vs RNG

4AM Dota 2 Last 5 Games

As a new team, Elephant.4AM does not have that many competitive Dota 2 matches yet. Below we have shared a link to the series with ArmyGeniuses from LPL PRO 2020.

Highlights From The Dota 2 Match – ARMY GENIUSES vs 4AM

RNG vs 4AM Betting Tips & Odds

Currently, most bookies see Four Angry Men as favourites to win the series with odds of 1.26

But is this realistic? We believe so, even though the odds will change come to the start of the game to be a bit more equally matched. Royal Never Give Up has had some awkward series lately and are definitely coming in as underdogs.

Since the bookmakers have a clear favourite in this series, this provides a couple of opportunities you can capitalize on. Most people expect Four Angry Men to fly past 5men but that doesn’t mean it will be a clear 2:0. The markets for Over 2.5 Maps Played and Odd Number of Maps are similar – 2.29. If you think Team RNG can take a game away from Team 4AM but still lose the series then you should definitely take advantage of 3.40 odds for Correct Map Score 1:2.

A clear 2:0 for 4AM is priced at 1.86 and does not have good value considering there is always the possibility of this series going into game 3. The risk is simply too great.

RNG vs 4AM Betting Prediction

Royal Never Give Up has been very shaky lately and we suspect their losing ways will not end with 4AM. RNG may be the more seasoned team but Four Angry Men has the talent. They have a beast of a roster and a very ambitious coach to back it up. Expectations are great but are they up to the challenge? We believe they are and expect 4AM to win 2:0 here.

One thing is certain, this will be an interesting game to watch as RNG will absolutely be looking to take something from this series. Can they do it?

RNG vs 4AM Betting Tips: RNG MoneyLine, Under 2.5 Maps