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Betting Strategies

Betting Markets

When it comes to betting everyone needs some betting tactics and strategies to beat the bookies. Here in the next couple of paragraphs. The main points will be betting on: 1×2, Over/Under, Both Teams to Score, Asian Handicap, European Handicap, Double Chance, Draw no Bet, Corners, Cards etc.

1×2 Betting

Definitely, this is the most popular market for betting. Here there is almost no strategy which you can use, if we exclude of course the betting on X with double stake if bet is lost. If you decide to bet on 1×2 markets you better learn the teams and always have in mind that lots of factors may occur for a winner bet (such as weather, missing players, motivation, coaches etc).


This is the second most betting option all over the world. Usually, people who do not follow any teams or leagues or do not have a favourite club, are betting on over/under. The odds are always good and you do not need to backup for a team. The most common line is 2.5 goals as for more than 3 goals usually the odds are more than good. Again with double stake on each lost bet you can make some decent money.

Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

This is almost similar to over/under with the exclusion that here you do not need to wait for 3 goals to have a winner pick (if you played btts: yes). The same is the situation with btts: no, the game can finish with 5 goals but it may be 5-0 and still you are winning. Of course, if the game finish 2-1 this is the best if you play btts or over as both markets get covered. This is a very played market globally due to the 50-50 chance of getting (mostly bettors play btts: yes).

Double Chance

Maybe the most sure market when it comes for betting. Using this option you choose to bet on 2 out of 3 possible outcomes. The odds are of course much more lowered due to the high percentage of win but still you must be very careful as sometimes the easiest bet is losing (unwritten rule). We suggest you to play double chance only if you are backing the outsider.

Asian/European Handicap

Not so popular in most of the countries but it is getting an important role for the betting industry. Asian Handicap is more appropriate as an option for a players who are betting on single bets. There are different options like 0.25, 0.50, 0.75, 1.00 etc. It can be either + or -, depending on the event. European handicap is a little bit more different as there you can see only round numbers -/+1 or -/+2 as the catch is that this market is a 3 way (-1 home team, -1 draw, +1 away team).


This is something new and very interesting for most of the players. Usually, bettors are playing for over/under corners or cards but recently some new markets appeared in the industry. What we suggest you trying is corner to be marked in the first 9 minutes of the game. The odds are around 1.80 and it happens very often. About the cards, you can always try a player to get a card as the odds for the most aggressive players on the pitch starts at 4.00. Also a card to be shown in the first 33 minutes of the match is not so bad option. There is a lot of value in such bets.

Sure Bets

This was very popular a few years ago. Now most of the bookies do not allow it as it is strictly forbidden and everyone doing it is getting blocked or banned. Still there are some operators who allow it and it may be some kind of profitable.

The main idea of the sure bets is to make bets on 2 or 3 places (different sportbooks) betting on the different markets a fixed amount of money. And no matter what happens in the game to be a successful. Usually, surebets calculates are percentage. There are many websites offering surebet services and they have calculators where to check the percents whether you will be on a profit or not.

In the internet there is enough places for this and there are even odds comparison sites which you can use in order to find a surebets. Exactly the Nigerian bookmakers are not so good for sure betting that’s why we will not place more info here about this.

Value Bets

Definitely, one of the most interesting strategies for betting. There are bettors who are only searching for the value bets and they are pretty successful in a long term period. The job which you have to do here is to find a good source or place where you can search for a big difference in the odds between the bookies. If an operator is giving 2.70 odds for some market which must be no more than 2.00 then we have a value bet. In a long term this can be a very successful as we mentioned it above. Of course, it takes a lot of time to find a good tip but if you are a stubborn enough and have patience this will be compensated it in the future.

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